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Have you had friends, family members, or colleagues complain about your temper? Is your anger leading to complications with the law, at work, or your home? Well now it’s time to take control. At Committed to Change, we offer several different programs that help you learn about your anger and manage your emotions effectively.
Our private online anger management classes are offered via live confidential/secured video conferencing with the convenience of your computer, tablet, or phone. Our live online services allow anyone to have real-time sessions with a sense of security from the privacy of your home. Online classes are beneficial if you do not want to travel, have a busy schedule, and accessibility for people with physical limitations.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve lives by creating an environment of comfort and understanding of the negative perceptions of anger. We aim to promote self awareness and reduce violence through anger management and mental health services in our communities.


Our vision is to have a peaceful world where people are comfortable and in control of their emotions.

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